Dwights have been selling trampolines for over 30 years.

The team at Dwights have over 100 years combined manufacturing experience, and recognise great products when they seem them. The Superbounce trampolines are, without doubt, the best imported trampoline they have seen on the New Zealand market.

All Superbounce trampolines are manufactured to the "Dwights Quality Assurance Standards". We sell products you can trust!

The Frame

Up to 50% heavier and stronger than other imported and lightweight trampolines available in New Zealand. Galvanised both inside and out, the frame size is 3,660mm.

The Mat

The mat is the same high quality durable material made in the USA and used in both the rectangular and octagonal models that Dwights Canvas have been manufacturing for over 20 years. The mat size is 3,050mm.

The Springs

Longer than those used on many other trampolines, and provide a much greater bounce.

The Safety Pads

Covered with a Tarpaulin Grade PVC, which will stand up to our harsh sunlight for a greater length of time than the cheap blue Polyethylene most other suppliers have opted for. The foam inner is closed cell foam which will not soak up water if any should ever get in through the stitching.

The Safety Net

The safety net clamps firmly to the supporting legs, and is designed to ensure that people do not fall off the trampoline. The sleeves that fit over the poles are, again, made out of Tarpaulin Grade PVC, and foam padded instead of Polyethylene to ensure maximum strength and life. Please note that the safety net is designed to stop people from falling off the trampoline, and is not designed as a horizontal surface for bouncing off.