Dwight’s Outdoors was founded in 1979, by the same family that runs the business today.

Since day one, our guiding principles—quality, innovation, and personal service—have run through everything we do, whether it’s in-store or online.

We are outdoor adventurers, just like you, so we understand your challenges and how to fix them. Whenever you deal with us, you can be guaranteed that we will go the extra mile to ensure you get the best quality, most innovative solution to meet your needs.

Our team of highly experienced outdoor professionals services every order from our HQ in Wellington. We ship from there to all corners of the country, and no matter where you are, you can access our service workshop.

If you have a question you want answered, don’t hesitate to call on Free Phone 0800 25 00 25 or send us an email, sales@dwights.co.nz


We make sure we sell you the right product for the job, and that every product we sell has been designed and manufactured to meet our high standards.

All of our tents are designed by New Zealanders for New Zealand conditions; manufactured in the best factory in the world under the intense scrutiny of our own people; and personally tested by David Dwight.

Our apparel range is equally impressive, and includes the Peak XV brand. We sell the toughest gear to make every adventure comfortable, from waterproof outers, to fleece and down jackets, to thermal under-layers. And we have a great range of street-wear too.

To top it off, we like to give our customers brilliant products at a competitive price. We think you’ll be blown away by the quality of our gear for the price you pay.

Shop with us and see for yourself.


Innovation at Dwight’s is about making practical improvements that actually make our products better for the people who use them. We don’t change things for the sake of it.

Our team is always looking for ways to make our gear better. When we have an idea, we thoroughly test the concept in the lab before implementing it.

Once it’s passed muster, we carefully oversee production, with people on the ground in our factories right through the planning, design and production process. And before we sell it for the very first time, we personally test its outdoor performance.

It may sound over the top, but this commitment to innovation performance is what makes us who we are.

Personal service

Retailers come and go like the wind (so to speak), but not us. We’ve been in the game 38 years and we like to think that it’s our commitment to great customer service that’s seen us through.

Every one of our staff are trained to listen to our customers and find the right product at the right budget to meet their needs. If you’re shopping online, you can call us or send us an email.

Once you’ve bought from us, we’ll make sure you get the best from your gear by providing full after-sale service. Running a repair and manufacture workshop for all these years means we’re pretty good problem solvers!